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Lexus RX of new generation.

Lexus RXLexus RX of new generation is an attempt to create an entirely new spirit on Lexus crossover. Sport, bold and bright.

Lexus RX interior design became calmer than predecessors beyond recognition. The car meets by the really cool parts fit and quality materials.

Everything else is available, including a stereo system from Mark Levinson, transforming beyond recognition even shoddy modern chords transferred to the head unit via the USB-port in the armrest. Architecture is worthy of all this leather being. And not only visually, but also with the application: for controlling the music and the air conditioning only one palm motion is required. Devices are slightly turned to the driver, which adds not so much feeling of comfort in this devil of American luxury, a sense of orientation as new generation RX is the driver.

Short handle selector AKP, as usual, completes the center console. It is the interior element, because most competitors flaunt by joysticks, knobs and even car control buttons, but the classic is a classic.