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“Conserving” the car for the winter.

Conserving carThis procedure is necessary for cars that are idle in the winter.
Rule one: don’t put it in the iron garage.
The ideal place for long-term storage of the car is an overhaul garage. Inside a special micro-climate is supported, smoothing temperature changes.
Rule two: Do not cover with a tarpaulin.
Tarpaulin gradually pass moisture, but prevents its weathering, thereby accelerating decay.

Rule three: Do not wash.
Freshly washed car in the garage is dry for very long time. During this time, the corrosion will have time to do their nasty business.

Rule four: Don’t put on “pad”.
Rule five: The battery is not to leave.
Leaking through the switch off currents of a few months of winter parking can fully discharge the battery.

Rule six: the do not leave water in the radiator.

The water and antifreeze greatly diluted it should be replaced with fresh antifreeze. At the same time do not be lazy and drain the water from the washer fluid reservoir, or it may break. It is also worth to plug the exhaust pipe and air filter opening by oily rags. But before all of this we recommend to go to the gas station and pour a full tank of fuel.