2013 Nissan Maxima SV Premium

Nissan Maxima SV PremiumNew test vehicle sales consultant ever share Nissan idea had a bit of a chat with you the I. yesterday just about see the maxim of the enquiring about so this is the exact model but you’re taking a look at so I just want to kind of go over really quickly what it does on including a package there Steve got good old lexicon plastic headlights there that are going to be great for us you know the winter season gonna make sure that you can have the headlights of the end of season because it is very tough plastic really really nice chrome grill here and of course you do have a block heater for awesome winters that loss keelboat 10 months of the year.

Come with me. He also hugger LED indicators for signal lights as well fall back and forth get the jerk in the parking lot the parks little bit closer whatever you know police are gonna be sure gonna have a mere at the in the day and the nice thing with this near as well is that it’s actually auto dimming mirror so you get the person behind you but have the really really bright lights going to doom for you you know and I have it in your face on this one also features are intelligent Keefe so as long as this is in your pocket on your person all you have to do is hit this and it’s going to lock the vehicle for you or you’re going to get in it one more time it’s going to unlock all the doors for you.

Now is coming around back here. 4 door chords really really nice wrap around tail it’s got a chrome accent and this one actually does feature a backup camera which just hangs out just down here the nice thing with our back up camera of course is that it’s going to show the trail of where wheels are going to go when you’re up parking and it also shows your bumper which is really nice because at least it’s going to show you exactly where a vehicle is not gonna be questioning where where the end zone is going to be around here. Please. No just kind of taking a look at the back here you have lots of space in the back really really gorgeous so luxurious Allman interior there great room for if you’re on a traveling anywhere around.

You see or anything like that. Really going to be comfortable for passengers for long drives. No just taking a seat in the front seat here you have lots of room this one also does feature on the power passenger seat power driver’s seat the nice thing with the driver seat action in the summertime Glenn leather can get really really hot yucky have climate controlled cooled heats air cooled seats sorry which I you know here’s CNN when it’s really really believes noticed renaissance going to cool it down makes for ya and of course in the winter time you turn it up really nice and easy going to heat up your seat for you as well for the wintertime where you’re gonna featuring a heated steering wheel which is fantastic this actually is a power tilt and telescopic steering wheel as well as you see you got a really luxurious wood grained out here really really nice and clean for you to see but of course this one again does feature navigation close audio system and of course Bluetooth not kind of fun stuff. You. By Kevin hopefully have touched up as much as I could I guess on some of the main points about the maxima thank you so much again for your inquire and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


FORD MONDEOFirst time Ford Mondeo of the fifth generation (model year 2013th) was shown in January 2012 at the Detroit Motor Show. The new model, as it was expected, took over many of the features of the concept car Ford Evos, presented in 2011 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This generation of Mondeo model is not offered for sale in Europe, and in the United States it is sold under the name Fusion.

The new car over the previous generation has “grown” in length (+122 mm), wide (+18 mm) and height (+31 mm). Wheelbase size added 28 mm. However, the boot capacity decreased from 467 liters to 453 liters. According to the manufacturer, the body became 10 percent stiffer in torsion. The former front suspension in double wishbone is gave the way to the MacPherson struts, rear multi-link system also has been updated. According to the developers of the model, it is now more consistent with the title driver’s car.

The car is available in three trim levels: S, SE, and Titanium. The model serves to one of five power plants. All available engines are four-cylinder, it has been decided to refuse from the 3.0-liter V6 and 2008 Ford Fusion headlights. The standard engine is a 2.5-liter Duratec cylinder with capacity of 2.5 liters, develops power of 177 hp and a torque of 237 Nm. It is offered in the “pair” with dedicated six-speed automatic transmission.

Lexus RX of new generation.

Lexus RXLexus RX of new generation is an attempt to create an entirely new spirit on Lexus crossover. Sport, bold and bright.

Lexus RX interior design became calmer than predecessors beyond recognition. The car meets by the really cool parts fit and quality materials.

Everything else is available, including a stereo system from Mark Levinson, transforming beyond recognition even shoddy modern chords transferred to the head unit via the USB-port in the armrest. Architecture is worthy of all this leather being. And not only visually, but also with the application: for controlling the music and the air conditioning only one palm motion is required. Devices are slightly turned to the driver, which adds not so much feeling of comfort in this devil of American luxury, a sense of orientation as new generation RX is the driver.

Short handle selector AKP, as usual, completes the center console. It is the interior element, because most competitors flaunt by joysticks, knobs and even car control buttons, but the classic is a classic.

“Conserving” the car for the winter.

Conserving carThis procedure is necessary for cars that are idle in the winter.
Rule one: don’t put it in the iron garage.
The ideal place for long-term storage of the car is an overhaul garage. Inside a special micro-climate is supported, smoothing temperature changes.
Rule two: Do not cover with a tarpaulin.
Tarpaulin gradually pass moisture, but prevents its weathering, thereby accelerating decay.

Rule three: Do not wash.
Freshly washed car in the garage is dry for very long time. During this time, the corrosion will have time to do their nasty business.

Rule four: Don’t put on “pad”.
Rule five: The battery is not to leave.
Leaking through the switch off currents of a few months of winter parking can fully discharge the battery.

Rule six: the do not leave water in the radiator.

The water and antifreeze greatly diluted it should be replaced with fresh antifreeze. At the same time do not be lazy and drain the water from the washer fluid reservoir, or it may break. It is also worth to plug the exhaust pipe and air filter opening by oily rags. But before all of this we recommend to go to the gas station and pour a full tank of fuel.